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Our services can be a great opportunity for everyone that is looking for some fun or spend a great time with beautiful company. Like every other service, there are some boundaries and things that we need to do, or we should do, and things that we shouldn’t do, because it’s a service that provides pleasure and it’s important to respect your escort terms and establish clear boundaries, and that of course depends on the service that you choose. The first step in setting boundaries is understanding their importance, because they help protect our emotional and physical experience with your escort.

The Do’s

We would talk about the things that we recommend to do before you get into action. Like in every other type of relationship, communication is the key and we completely agree. Defining your physical limits, explicitly to your escorts/clients can help provide comfort and safety.

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Show Respect and Courtesy

Our escorts are ready to please you and fulfill your fantasies with great seriousness, in return, you should respect the limits we mentioned earlier and treat them with respect. This does not mean that you should not satisfy your pleasures exactly as you would like or that you should not let yourself be carried away, but a discussion should be held before, and you should see what are the limits of the partner of your choice. There is no shame in imposing limits when you think it is necessary, precisely so that the pleasure is maximum in those moments. A single violation of privacy in an unpleasant way, no matter where you are, can ruin your evening, so respect your partner’s limits for an evening full of pleasure.

Understand the Services

We have a varied range of services that we offer, precisely to be able to satisfy different needs and desires, these being different. For this reason, it is very important to know each service for which type of pleasure it is intended. If you are not sure of the information you have, you can easily find information for each category on our website, and you can check our escort faq.

It’s always beneficial to read the escort agency FAQ’s before contacting them

Communicate Clearly and Honestly

Always communicate clearly, and at the point what you want or you don’t, and very importantly, be honest. There is no point in lying or trying to force certain things. This whole experience is for you to feel good and want to break your limits little by little, and everything depends on you. You own this experience, from all points of view. Try to express yourself as clearly as you can, and to expose all your desires and limits and you will see that it will help you have a beautiful evening!

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The Don’ts

Here we will talk about what you should not do or behave when you meet one of our escorts or any other person you interact with. It’s very important not to be disrespectful, or offend someone, and know their boundaries, and yours as well.

Avoid Disrespectful Language or Behavior

When you want to spend the night with the desired escort, you will have to have a certain behavior, respectful, and by which you do not offend the person next to you. The limits you set for yourself at the beginning of the evening are the ones you will have to respect, besides being aware that you must not offend. You can talk sexy with her without offending them.

Don’t Overstep Boundaries

It is very important not to violate someone’s limits, and to know when to stop saying or doing something. You have to think about the person next to you, every time. It is true that you cannot do this all the time, without the person next to you telling you when you have exceeded certain limits. That’s why it’s very important to pay attention in advance to anything you don’t think you would like or don’t like. Communication is key!

Refrain from Asking Personal Questions

Because earlier we were talking about limits, this is one of them. Do not ask personal questions in a situation like this. It is possible that our escort will not tell you exactly about these things, but it is always important not to ask personal or inappropriate questions. In this way, you can avoid an inappropriate reaction and not spoil the mood of any of you.

Avoid Negotiating Rates Unreasonably

You will always negotiate the price before when you talk about booking an escort, it is not necessary to try to negotiate the price when you meet the escort. It may not be a discussion that is comfortable for her. You can always check escort prices on our website or you can call or text us and we can answer your questions. It is important to know the escort rate and take this information into account.

Find out more about our escort service price here!

Do Not Ignore the Agreed Terms

Before starting your evening with our sexy escort, you agreed with certain terms that our agency sends you and you spoke openly with her about limits, what she accepts and what she doesn’t. It is very important not to ignore what you decided together so that your evening goes exactly as you would have wanted.

Considerations for Special Requests

As a company that deals with the best quality services, we always think of the customer and put their needs above all else, that’s why we accept to take into account your special requests and make sure that your evening is exactly as you want!

Consulting with your escort about extra services

We have a wide variety of services, for all tastes and pleasures, that our escorts can provide. Always communicate with your chosen escort to establish what you want and what she can offer. It is very important to express openly about your pleasures and fetishes that you desire but of course, keep in mind your escort terms. Some escort girls may provide extra services like BDSM, anal, or fetish experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask and agree with your escort about extra services so they can fulfill your fantasies.

As we described above, the best-desired experiences full of unimaginable pleasures that our escorts can give you, come with clear and open communication and it is important to respect your escort terms and establish clear boundaries.

Prolonging the escort service

When you book your time with one of our escorts, you cannot always anticipate or realize that you want to spend more time with her. For this reason, you can always contact us to extend the time. We will do our best to please you, as much as the chosen escort’s schedule allows. We are here for your needs!

Feel free to contact us for prolonging the escort service!

Tips for a Successful and Enjoyable Experience

Because we are here for you, we want to give you a few tips so your night could be awesome. Say freely everything you like to do what you don’t like, it is much easier if your partner knows exactly what you want. By this, you can say that you know each other a little better and that it is a certainty that things will go well. Choose a nice place that will make you relax and feel at ease. The atmosphere of the place sometimes has a rather large percentage in the success of your evening. If you have both a good time, it’s a win-win situation, and it will be more pleasant like this.

Last but not least, have fun!! Don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your night. It’s very important that at the end of the night, you feel relaxed, happy, and satisfied.


We hope that all the information we have provided will help you, and provide you with a guide in the experience you will have. I hope that I have made you more open, and to communicate, even if at first it may be more difficult or a blockage may appear, there is no one here to judge you, but only to support you and offer you the pleasure you have need.