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In order to make the booking process as smooth as possible, we came up with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our clients have. Here you will find details and guidelines about the process and will know better what to expect while diving into this fabulous experience. No worries, as our professional staff will cover the gaps, while you can focus on the best part.

1. What are the fees for your services?

During the booking process, we will inform you about the fees of the chosen model. Fees are subject to variation based on the model, time, and services you seek.

2. Are the fees negotiable?

No, the fees are fixed and non-negotiable. We strive to provide competitive rates without compromising the quality of our services.

3. Are the model profiles on the website authentic?

Absolutely! All our escort models have their photos professionally taken during an exclusive interview. Our photo galleries are regularly updated for authenticity.

4. What are the terms and conditions for the service?

The escorts listed on our platform are independent individuals. They are free to accept or decline offers, and set the conditions for dates. As a user, you negotiate directly with the model, who establishes the terms of service.

5. Do the models work as professional escorts?

No, our models are not professional escorts. They are usually students or white-collar professionals who choose to engage in escorting as a side job for leisure and enjoyment.

6. Is my personal information safe?

Yes, we prioritize data safety and privacy. We employ stringent measures to ensure your information is safe and never shared with third parties.

7. How discreet are the models?

Our models maintain high levels of professionalism and discretion. We expect you to offer the same degree of privacy in return.

8. Will the invoice reveal details about your business?

No, our invoices do not disclose details related to our escort service. If you require an invoice, it will be generated through a neutral company unrelated to the leisure industry.

9. Can I book a model for extended trips or weekends?

Absolutely, our models enjoy traveling. To extend the model’s company, discuss the fees, duration, and destinations in advance.

10. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please inform us at least 48 hours in advance. Any payments made will be securely held for your next appointment.

11. What if the model and I don’t connect?

If you find you’re not compatible with the model, we appreciate a polite ending to the date. Please ensure the model’s time and expenses up to that point are covered.

12. Where will the date take place?

You’re responsible for arranging the location. It could be a restaurant, bar, or a hotel room.

13. Can I visit the model’s residence?

No, our models do not offer facilities for dates. They will meet you at the location you choose.

14. Can I contact the models privately?

For safety reasons, our models only accept dates arranged through our platform.

15. What should I expect on the date?

Our models are educated, mature, and ready to provide the best experience. Please handle payments in advance, and avoid asking for personal contact details or discussing personal matters. We advise keeping the date within the agreed parameters for everyone’s comfort and safety. Enjoy your time, and make the most of your experience!

16. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and direct bank transfers. We’ll provide more detailed information during the booking process.

17. How do I book an escort?

To book an escort, simply browse through our models’ profiles on the website, select the model you’re interested in, and follow the prompts for booking.

18. Can I book more than one escort at a time?

Yes, you are free to book multiple escorts based on your preferences and needs. Do keep in mind that each escort’s fees will be calculated individually.

19. What is the minimum duration for booking an escort?

Our services usually start with a minimum booking duration of one hour, but this may vary depending on the model. Check the individual model’s profile for details.

20. Can I request specific attire or appearance?

Yes, our models aim to meet your expectations. If you have specific requests regarding attire or appearance, please mention them during the booking process.

21. Are the services offered by the models strictly confidential?

Absolutely. Discretion and confidentiality are the foundation of our services. Our models respect your privacy and expect the same from you.

22. Are your services available 24/7?

Yes, our services are available around the clock. However, availability may depend on the specific model, so it’s best to book in advance.

23. Do the escorts offer out-of-city services?

Many of our escorts enjoy travel and are willing to accompany you on out-of-city or international trips. This should be negotiated during the booking process.

24. What happens if I'm unsatisfied with the services provided?

We aim for complete client satisfaction. If you have concerns about your experience, please contact our customer service team. We appreciate feedback and will do our best to address your concerns.

25. Are your services legal in Amsterdam?

Yes, our services are completely legal and compliant with all local regulations and laws in Amsterdam.

26. How do you select your escorts?

We select our escorts based on various criteria, including physical attractiveness, intelligence, manners, and the ability to provide a high-quality service to our clients.

27. Are there any health and safety protocols I should be aware of?

Yes, we prioritize health and safety. Our models undergo regular health checks and we encourage safe practices during all encounters.

28. Can I extend my time with the escort during the date?

Extensions during the date are subject to the escort’s availability. It is advisable to discuss this with the model as early as possible.

29. Are same-day bookings possible?

Yes, we accept same-day bookings, but this is subject to the availability of the escorts. We recommend booking in advance to secure your desired model.

30. How can I get in touch with you?

You can always call us or message on Whatsapp at +31 684-748-960. Please visit our contact page for more information!

By this point, we hope to have answered all your unclarities so that you can start getting ready for the amazing experience ahead. In case you still have any other questions, don’t hesitate on letting us know by contacting us on Whatsapp or by phone on +31 684-748-960. Our staff is available 24/7 to support you.