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Emona is teasing like an act of seduction. She has the best charming smile that can attract anyone and make them want to be around her for an extended period. She’s natural, loves charming her partner and she savours the rare moments. She’s a genuine connection and is highly interested in whatever makes you tick. You will be intrigued to have her beside you, as she will give you all the pleasure you deserve.

AMSTERDAM DINNER DATE: Why not dine and wine with Emona, take her to the best restaurant in Amsterdam and have great moments with her? Make that special date with Emona today and enjoy every moment with her at The White Room, one of the best places to have a special dinner date.

AMSTERDAM CITY TOUR: She would love to explore new things with you. Emona focuses more on the partner and ensures the partner is filled with excitement. Teasing and exciting time will entice you, and you won’t be able to bug about your problems. When you think of The Royal Theatre Carré and The Resistance Museum (Amsterdams Verzetsmuseum), then Emona is the perfect escort for you. You won’t be disappointed to have her around you, and you will be proud to have her tour with you. She will be right there with you to ensure you’re guided and you get the best quality service from her.


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