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The bachelor party is a tradition, which has been done since the time of ancient Greece. They used to spend the evening before the wedding with the groom. So, if even the Spartans cared about this tradition, why wouldn’t you?

This party is spread all over the world, and it has become a must. Usually, people consider it the last night or bachelor party, but for some, it is just a night of fun with their friends. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, the important thing is to have fun.


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Why Choose Amsterdam?

More and more people choose to go on a city break for a few days, instead of spending just one evening. One of the most common destinations is Amsterdam because it is the city of freedom, fun, and last but not least, sin, where everyone wants to feel good. Here you have a lot of things to do, and alternatives for every type of person. You can’t go wrong with such a destination because you will always find something interesting to do.

Planning Your Trip

To plan a trip, always ask for involvement, time to search for a hotel, plane tickets, or any other type of transport. People plan their activities and depending on this and the money they have, they choose the location where they want to stay and what activities they want to do.

Accommodation Tips

When you try to decide in which area of ​​the city you want to stay, you have to consider all the options, the available budget for accommodation and it must be close to the places you want to get to as quickly as possible. It all depends on your preferences. Whether you want to stay in a hotel, in a rented apartment, close to the center of the city, or maybe you like it on its outskirts. A hostel can be a good choice, it is much cheaper than a hotel. If you are looking to book a private hostel room, it will certainly be more expensive than one you share with others, but it will still be much cheaper than at a hotel. For example, a night in a dorm in a hostel costs around $30 per night, but for a private hostel room, people pay between $70 and $100.

A good idea is to book a room in the central station area. It is a central and cheaper area compared to the others.

Best areas to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most traveled cities in the world, and it’s not cheap at all. The accommodation can be quite expensive, sometimes it exceeds $200 per day. If the budget helps you, you can book a room in one of the hotels in Amsterdam city center, but if you look for budget hostels, it’s alright because you will find nice accommodation and you can save money for other activities.

The best areas to stay in the city of Amsterdam are Old Centrum, Canal Belt, Leidseplein, Jordaan, Oud-West, Museum Quarter, and Jewish Quarter. Wherever you choose to stay from the neighborhoods above, don’t worry, you made a very good decision.

Bachelor-friendly hotels and apartments

Looking for bachelor-friendly hotels in Amsterdam or apartments? You don’t need to look anymore. Here you will find the information that you need. The city offers you diverse options for groups, like The Hoxton, Hotel Not Hotel, or Bulldog Hotel. But if you prefer apartments, you can type in a search on Booking the words “bachelor party” and there you will find exactly what you are searching for.

Amsterdam is one of the friendliest cities, but you need to read the reviews first and ask whatever question you have about the accommodation so the trip could be as perfect as you want. Come here and have the best bachelor party in Amsterdam, the one you dreamed of.

Travel Tips

Getting around Amsterdam

Are you a person that likes to walk? That’s good because Amsterdam is a highly walkable city with well-maintained sidewalks making it easy to explore on foot. This is the cheapest way to see the city. You can the charming streets and atmosphere that only Amsterdam can give you.

If you want to get to a place quite far from where you are, you can take it anytime hop on a tram, bus, or metro train. If you know how to ride a bike, you can always ride one and explore the city like a local.

Understanding local customs and laws

Amsterdam is a city of freedom and fun, but like any European city, it has its own rules that you need to know. Because the locals are riding the bike all the time, you will always find someone handy to take your bike, so lock your bike twice! You should carry cash and debit cards. Some places are going cashless, while others are old school and accept only cash, that’s why we recommend you have both.

Smoking marijuana or drinking in public is illegal and very important…don’t pee in the canals. Likewise, taking photos of sex workers is strictly prohibited. Never ride on a bike lane, or you risk an angry local taking out on you.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is by far the best choice when it comes to parties and fun. here you have a multitude of things you can do and where to choose from. Amsterdam is by far the best choice when it comes to parties and fun. here you have a multitude of things you can do and where to choose from. many bars, nightclubs in Amsterdam, boat parties, and so on and so forth.

partying with friends at clubs amsterdam

Best Nightclubs and Bars

Amsterdam has a lot of events throughout the year to enjoy, that’s why parties are on the list of tourists. What you need to know is that on weekdays, the bars in Amsterdam remain open until 1:00 AM, and clubs during events and weekends remain open until 5:00-6:00 AM.

Amsterdam has a few main zones for parties: Leidseplein, Dam Square which is the Red Light District, and Rembrandtplein. Near Dam Square are the most famous coffee shops with marijuana. This particular area will make you understand why the city is known for its open culture, sexual freedom, and the legal use of marijuana.

One place we recommend you to go is a coffee shop that claims to be the first coffee shop, and it’s called Bulldog. For the best nightclubs in Amsterdam, we recommend you the Leidseplein area. Here you can party until morning and you can start whenever you like because you will find a lot of coffee shops or restaurants in this area.

Boat Parties

Another thing you should try when you are visiting the city is a boat party in Amsterdam. There are a lot of events on the boat and you can enjoy them all year because if it’s raining or it’s cold outside, you’ll be sheltered inside. Boat party starts from 40$ per person, but depends on the party or the event.

boat party on amsterdam canals

Strip clubs

In the Red Light district, you’ll find sex shops, strip clubs, and sex theaters. So if you want to have this kind of experience, this is the place where you should go for the best strip clubs in Amsterdam. Is one of the traditions that you should do at a bachelor party. The most popular strip club in Amsterdam is La Vie en Proost, is a small one, and we recommend going there if you want the best party ever!

Booking an Escort Service/Agency

Booking an escort service or agency is never been easier. You should know what services you want, the type of girl or girls you want to have and just call us!! We are here for your happiness, book your high-class escort and have the party that you dreamed of. So, having said that, stop thinking and call us now. We will fulfill all your dreams and desires.

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Daytime Activities in Amsterdam

We said before that Amsterdam is a walkable city, and with that, it offers you a lot of daytime activities. You will have a lot of outdoor and cultural experiences.

Cultural Experiences

Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum are the most visited and a must if you are a cultural enthusiast. You can discover the history of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Museum, or you can learn something about the city’s maritime heritage at the National Maritime Museum. You can try Rijksmuseum or Heineken experience. Who says that a tour of the biggest beer producers is not cultural? I can add that it is also fun. Don’t forget about Madame Tussauds’s great wax figures.

Outdoor Activities

On a vacation, do you like to combine cultural activities with outdoor activities? In Amsterdam, you have both of them. You can go on a canal cruise, and see the city from a different perspective, to admire the architecture of the buildings. You can take a canoe trip at sunset in the Dutch countryside. The city has excellent private tours, that we totally recommend.

You can go to Hoge Veluwe National Park, where you can see wild boars, stags, roe deer, mouflons, or wolves. Or if you like quiet walks, you can go see the tulip fields. Some of you may like to take a private tour of the Red Light district.

Food and Drink Recommendations

Are you visiting Amsterdam for the first time and you wonder what food and drinks you should try? You will find a lot of places that will serve hamburgers and pizza, do not worry, but if you want to try some local food. Bitterballen are crispy meatballs that you will find at every bar. You should dip each nugget into spicy mustard. You’ll love it.

If you like mashed potatoes, you should try Stamppot. Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish made with potatoes mashed, combined with one or several vegetables, like kale, spinach, endive or sauerkraut. Another thing you should try is Kaas, a Dutch cheese that is very soft and mild. Holland is famous for its cheese products. You can take a day trip outside Amsterdam to experience the cheese markets.

One of the most popular Dutch alcoholic beverages is Oranjebitter. Is an orange-flavored liqueur with a hint of spice. This one is associated with King’s Day.

A drinking ritual that can be found in every bar in Holland, is Kopstootje. Is a glass with the shape of a tulip that is filled with Genever, a jupiter-flavored gin. The person who takes the drinks places their hands behind their back, bends over, and slowly drinks the top of the shot. The rest of the drink can be drunk followed by a sip of beer, served on the side.


Having said that, we hope that you could form an opinion and an image of what a bachelor party in Amsterdam would look like. Here you can find everything you could want, or experience. Amsterdam is a city that can make you happy and full of life. Don’t hesitate the chance to make a close friend’s party more beautiful! Come to Amsterdam, we promise you won’t regret it!