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The techno world has become bigger and more popular since the end of the 80s until today. If you are passionate, a lover of techno music or open to experiencing the world of techno, Amsterdam is the right city for this experience. The best Amsterdam clubs are at every turn, and you can get a taste of their popular underground techno Amsterdam.

A brief history of the electronic music scene in Amsterdam

Electronic music started in the late 1980s, when the first wave of house music appeared, heard in the club “The RoXY” which opened its doors in 1987. Located close to the city’s well-known flower market, RoXY was founded as a partnership between Giele, DJ Eddy de Clerque, and magazine editor Arjen Schrama. Giele, anyhow, was the force who anticipated first the potential of turning the former Roxy porn cinema into a club, and it was he who sculpted RoXY into what he called a unique experience, of “total art” by giving the club the backronym “Radical Outlet for the Xenomaniac in You”. In the first year, the Dutch population was not convinced by the new genre of music, but in the second year, after the locals visited Ibiza and fell in love with house music, everything took a different turn. Finally, house music had its place in the bars of Amsterdam. At first techno music was included by Detroit Techno, and then a mix between piano sounds and voices was introduced. In today’s world, some of the most famous DJs are Dutch, such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Fedde Le Grand, and Martin Garix.

The Amsterdam clubbing life today

When it comes to an unforgettable night out, only a few places in Europe can do it better than Amsterdam can. The city is a beautiful charming place during the day, but when the sun goes down Amsterdam transforms into a party scene. Whatever vibe you’re looking for, whatever music genre you’re into, it’s all right here. Check up for your best clubs in Amsterdam.

Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s spectacular nightlife and vast techno culture make it a must-visit for electronic music enthusiasts, and that’s because the city offers a lot of options for those looking for the best techno clubs Amsterdam and the best experience at a techno club. The city of Amsterdam it’s like an oasis of fun and experiences waiting to be lived.

Shelter Amsterdam

Shelter is an underground nightclub that first opened in 2016 and last year was listed in the Top 100 Clubs because it has impeccable house and techno Amsterdam programming. There is no dress code, the club encourages you to dress whatever you want and reflect your personality as long as the clothing is not offensive. The club opens at 11 pm and it lasts at least until 6 am, but the opening hours depend if it’s a special event or not, then it may vary. Some of the great artists were playing here, like Juan Sanchez, Boris Werner, Bart Skils and so on. If you want to participate in one of their events, make sure that you provide your Shelter Amsterdam tickets before the day of the event. They have a limited number of tickets at the door, but you can look on their website and see where you should buy them.

Visit their website here!

Radion Club

Radion Club Amsterdam is a unique location, at night is a club with a 24-hour license, and by the day, is a Vegan Cafe. Is a place that can be used for any type of event, with a capacity of 1,600 people, It regularly hosts cultural events and is a home base for festivals such as Fringe Festival, Front Row, and Brainwash Night. RADION has a dress code, and that is casual nothing sportswear. You have to be at least 18 years old and you will have to have with you a valid ID so you can enter the club. The party starts at 11 pm but depending on the program, the hour until the club is open may vary. You can find on their website the program and the link where you can buy your tickets.

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Melkweg or Milky Way, is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is one of the city’s most important entertainment spots with two screens, a cinema, a theater and a cafe, and a varied live programme. The location actually is an old dairy factory, that’s where the name comes and it played a major role in the 1960s for the counterculture of the city. Melkweg offers the opportunity to develop as a creator or an artist and they offer you workshops, programs, and even a stage where you can show us your talent. So, if you are an artist at the beginning of the journey, or even if you have started your career for a while, we are waiting for you on our stage.

people having fun at concert melkweg amsterdam

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Club Atelier

Atelier Club was opened in 2015 and has already become one of the best and unique places for its unique and creative style. The parties at Atelier Club are legendary all year long and extremely well known in the world of party people during festival season. Atelier Club is a great location with excellent parking and plenty of space inside and outside, so it makes the ideal place for a dance or house party and of course live music on stage. You can check yourself for their amazing programming within a grid with its own DJs. The evenings and nights have always something unexpected, so check their schedule for upcoming events.

Girl dancing Club Atelier Amsterdam

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Het Sieraad

If you are looking for a great event space, Het Sieraad is a great option, with 5 event spaces Het Atrium, De Plaatwerkerij, De Smederij, Het Timmerlokaal or De Lerarenkamer, each one with great facilities and unique style. When it comes to the party world people, there are amazing upcoming events all the time, so you can check for information and thickets depending on your style and wishes. At the waterfront, you can host in the open air on the unique terrace called BARO. Whatever the occasion you choose, you set sail to a great event by booking a ‘salonboot’. These antique unique boats can be reserved in addition to any event for a unique entrance or departure. So if you want an unforgettable event, at a great location this is by far one of the best choices.

Djs mixing music at console Het Sieraad Amsterdam

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H7 Warehouse

H7 Warehouse nightclub Amsterdam was previously known as Rhone Warehouse until the beginning of this year, it’s an industrial warehouse used for music events, that are mainly techno music and house music. Here were hosted events like Intercell, Reaktor, and several ADE events. It has an outside area, an inside garden called The binnentuin, where people can rest, eat or drink. It can hold a maximum capacity of 800 people. The location is a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Sloterdijk, and you can reach it very easily by train, bus, metro, or by car.

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Thuishaven started as a festival nation and from there has grown into a distinctive event location in Amsterdam West. Thuishaven is placed in the middle of swirling cranes and the industrial track of the Port of Amsterdam. An underdone fresh place in a wide area with unparalleled opportunities. If you are a music lover and a lover of the techno club Amsterdam, this is a great place with a fantastic music diversity option played by a lot of great artists You can find on their website the program and the link where you can buy your tickets. Don’t think about it and just visit their website!

Visit their website here!

John Doe

The John Doe Club has great techno music, an amazing atmosphere, and a great sound system. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, John Doe opened on February 19th, 2015 at Rembrandt Square, the most vibrant and crowded square in Amsterdam. John Doe as the name suggests, is a mysterious place, with a unique air where music and lighting provide a whole new level to a party. This Amsterdam techno club is known for the way it brings together people of many kinds and lets their craziness and curiosities come together. John Doe is open five nights a week, and it provides his guests with five nights of different styles of music, people, and great entertainment.

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Upcoming Techno Events in Amsterdam

In the near future, Amsterdam will host techno events that will delight your senses. As everyone knows, Amsterdam is one of the best cities for a techno party. Come and feel the atmosphere of the best clubs Amsterdam, and feel how your favorite music envelops you with its rhythm. Here you will find everything that you want and your soul needs. The major international conference and festival for electronic music, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) will run between 18th and 22nd October at various locations around Amsterdam. This electronic music event will bring over 2,500 world’s famous electronic music artists to play in the best techno clubs Amsterdam.

See all upcoming techno events in Amsterdam!

Nightlife Essentials for Techno Lovers

If you’re a techno music lover and it’s your first time partying in Amsterdam, here are some things you should know before you arrive. Most techno parties are sought after, because the people who love this music know exactly where to go, to the biggest source: the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is a website from where you can purchase a ticket for a 1, 2, or 7-day ticket experience. Here you will have access to all participating clubs, nightlife experiences, and bars. If you want, you can add one special event from the Special Events that are taking place that night. If you buy a 2 or 7-day ticket, remember that there are consecutive nights and if you want to go out on different nights, you can buy just a day ticket for each date. Even if you entered once in a club once, you don’t have a restricted number of entries, you can go out and return as many times as you want, but here, the club rules. You need to be dressed properly, at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. It can happen that the bar or club is at maximum capacity and then no one is allowed to enter, here we can say that it depends on the event and luck.

You can buy an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket here!

Party Dresscode for Clubbing

Not every club or party has a dress code, sometimes all you need to do is dress in something that matches you and not have offensive clothes, but some clubs or parties, will impose a dress code, and that will definitely say what to wear clubbing, in the details of the event. Before you go out to the techno party Amsterdam, be sure you have all the information about the party dresscode.

Planning Your Techno Night Out

In the city of Amsterdam, planning your night out at a techno club Amsterdam is not that hard, but you should definitely check your options first, to be sure you have a ticket and you are dressed properly. After these details, you should go out and make some memories, as only Amsterdam knows how to give you.

Legal Age & Clubbing Norms

Different clubs in Amsterdam has different age limit for access. The legal age to go clubbing in Amsterdam is 18+ years old. Some of them ask you to have the minimum legal age, and some of them require that you need to have at least 21 years old. You must have an ID so you can enter, otherwise, your access will be denied. You need to dress properly, do not wear dirty clothes, flip-flops, swimwear, hats, or caps, and do not bring oversized bags. Try to go to a club as fresh as you can, they can choose their clients. Some clubs allow you to enter with soft drugs, but in a certain amount and in a certain way. It is best to check on the club’s website before you have any surprises at the entrance.

Clubbing Locations

You go on a city break in Amsterdam and you ask yourself, where to go clubbing in Amsterdam? We are here for you, so you can have the best experience, and make the most of your time spent here. Most of the Amsterdam techno clubs have a 24-hour license, which means that people can party all day and all night. You should definitely check Shelter Amsterdam, Radion Amsterdam, Claire, or De School. These are some of the best locations for clubbing in Amsterdam. You will find them in the heart of the city of Amsterdam. Go to your favorite rave Amsterdam party.

Things to do after a techno party in Amsterdam

After spending a great night in a techno club in Amsterdam, you’d better get enough rest to enjoy your day in the city of Amsterdam. You can do a lot of relaxing things that can make you happy, after a long-awaited techno party. You can have a break until the next night you’ll want to spend in the underground clubs Amsterdam. We have prepared some suggestions for you to make the day after clubbing.

Visit a coffee shop

We definitely have good coffee in Amsterdam, but when we are talking about coffee shops, we talk about licensed cannabis cafes where you can choose from an extensive marijuana menu. Because the coffee shops are so famous, we recommend you to go to Grey Area, which is the most iconic coffee shop, that was visited by some famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. You can try Katsu Coffeeshop, Plug Coffeeshop, Paradox, or La Tertulia, a nice family-run business, that is so cozy and a beautiful spot for canalside people-watching.

Take a boat cruise

What could be more relaxing after a night of partying, in your favorite nightclubs in Amsterdam, with your favorite music, than a boat cruise along the main canals of the city of Amsterdam? You can admire the beauties of the city in a quick and quiet way. You don’t need a reservation, you just need to go to one of the departure locations.

Enjoy time with an escort

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The city of Amsterdam is perfect for your favorite techno events Amsterdam, for the fun you’ve been wanting for so long. Here you can combine several activities, and the city will not continue to surprise you. Here you will find the best techno clubs, and the fun is one to measure. Come and try another unforgettable experience, here with us.