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Amsterdam’s coffeeshop scene positions the city as one of the top choices for young people seeking a city break to detach from their daily routine while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in the best coffee shops. The coffeeshops in Amsterdam offer visitors a wide variety of cannabis selections and various types of edibles. Here is a full guide to explore the emerging experiences you can indulge in while spending a holiday in Amsterdam with your group of friends. Smoking weed in a legal way is a significant part of Dutch culture, which makes Amsterdam known as “The City of Freedom”.

History of the Amsterdam coffeeshops

Cannabis has been decriminalized in Amsterdam since the 1970s due to the social and cultural changes happening worldwide. This resulted in people shifting their visions from traditional norms to more alternative lifestyles. Marijuana gained a lot of popularity in the 1970s, and in order to combat it while offering support to new adopters, the government implemented a policy of tolerance.

Why are coffeeshops legal in the Netherlands?

As cannabis gained a lot of popularity in the last 40 years, the government adopted this tolerance policy in order to combat and discourage the consumption of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, which used to be an issue even in the 70s. This was due to Irene Vorrink’s diligence and clarity after she became Minister of Health and Interior in the Den Uyl cabinet. Following her statement in 1973, she achieved the legislation concerning drugs in 1976, alongside former Minister of Justice, Dries van Agt.

How did Irene Vorrink come up with the legalization act?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the Netherlands looked like at the start of the 70s, in terms of social culture setting. Following the international trend, many young artists and adventurers took to using drugs, which resulted in a widespread use by the mid-70s. However, there was no distinction yet as to the health risks posed by the many types of recreational drugs, which included marijuana, hashish, speed, heroin, LSD, and others.

A number of social and medical studies were then conducted, and the results were carefully observed by Irene Vorrink, who discovered that people experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex, and tobacco were predominantly young, and this whole process was a part of their maturing. Seeing that the Dutch youth was mostly at risk, she tried to reduce any potential harm to this age category. After a thorough analysis, she concluded that cannabis was much less harmful than other recreational drugs in those times. However, marijuana was supplied by drug traffickers who would often introduce their customers to other hard drugs. Hence, she came up with a much needed solution, which is the foundation of today’s cannabis laws.

As such, she recommended that authorities should stop prosecuting people for consumption and sales or possession of small quantities. Also, she transformed the existing youth centers into safe spaces that permitted the sale of marijuana and hashish, although in small amounts. This is how the commercial coffeeshops of today came into shape.

This change in legislation, which led to the legalization of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, under certain regulations, of course, had an immediate effect on the social and cultural image of the Netherlands, which became the first nation where the state was directly involved in trying to provide an alternative to hard drugs in the form of marijuana, a soft recreational drug with minimal health risks, all while keeping the crime rates at a low point.

In the 1990s, the coffeeshop scene in Amsterdam was already a significant attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world to indulge in the relaxation that Amsterdam was already known for. During this time, the government implemented new regulations under which growing cannabis was considered illegal, limiting the cultivation and distribution of weed to coffeeshops.

Over the past three decades, the rules and policies have changed to address the risks of drug tourism and to keep illegal cannabis growth at a minimal scale. Nowadays, there are over 200 coffeeshops operating under a license in Amsterdam.

Why are coffeeshops legal in the Netherlands?

As cannabis gained a lot of popularity in the last 40 years, the government adapted this tolerance policy in order to combat and discourage the consumption of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, which used to be an issue even in the 70s. Thus, by legalizing coffeeshops under certain regulations, the state was trying to offer an alternative solution – a soft drug that could minimize health risks while keeping the criminality rate low.

What do you usually find in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop

Most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam offer a wide variety of products and recreational options meant to help you relax in a cozy space with a vibrant atmosphere. Among the most popular products you may find in the coffeeshops, the main one would be cannabis, which comes in different forms such as pre-rolled joints, cannabis buds, and edibles like muffins or cakes. Most coffeeshops list all their offerings on their menus, which include weed and accessories like papers or joint holders, as well as snacks and beverages. The atmosphere is always relaxing, and depending on the coffee shop, some of them offer features like video games, music, and other games.

Fresh marijuana strains

Coffeeshops offer a wide variety of strains that may satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. Here are the top 3 recommendations for fresh weed to try out while visiting Amsterdam. Whether you prefer a dreamy indica or an energizing sativa, they’ve got you covered. We have narrowed it down for you and created a shortlist of diverse weeds to try out.

  • Amnesia Haze: This is a classic strain known for its strong, uplifting effects and citrusy flavor.
  • White Widow: A famous strain with a balanced high and an earthy taste.
  • OG Kush: A classy American weed, very popular in Europe with a relaxing effect.


Hashish is quite popular in Amsterdam, and you can find it in most of the coffeeshops. It comes in different levels of quality and intensities, from mild to strong. However, the supply of hash is not regulated, and the THC level can range from 2% up to 45%, depending on the product and the coffeeshop selling it.

Pre-made joints

You can find pre-rolled joints in any coffeeshop, and they can come in different types, just like the fresh weed strains. However, you can expect them to be pricier than the same quantity of fresh marijuana strains.

Edibles with THC

You can get edibles in Amsterdam in various forms, such as brownies, cakes, biscuits, and even shakes. These may take longer to take effect compared to smoking, so it is recommended to start with a small amount and wait for it to kick in.

Coffee and other drinks

It is worth mentioning that alcoholic beverages are forbidden in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. Apart from this, if you are a tea or coffee lover, you may find different specialty coffees like the traditional Dutch specialty ‘koffie verkeerd.’

Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

We have prepared a list of the most appreciated Amsterdam coffeeshops, where you can try different types of products while enjoying various venues. Thank us later.

Bulldog Coffee Shop Amsterdam

This is considered the king among all the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The chain has 5 different locations, with the most famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam, Bulldog no 90. which is one of the first coffee shops in Amsterdam, opened in 1975. Nowadays, it is a strong brand that offers a complete experience once you enter their door. They offer a wide range of products while the personnel are there to help you navigate through it and choose what’s most appropriate for you. You can enjoy a friendly and cozy atmosphere both inside and outside on the terrace. You can view their website here where you can also check their branded clothing line and other cool accessories.

Cookie Coffee Shop Amsterdam

Cookie Coffee shop in Amsterdam is a relatively new coffeeshop that opened in 2021, and it quickly gained popularity due to its premium aspect and intimate atmosphere. You can find a wide range of sweet treats here that you may wish for after trying various weed flavors. Early in the morning, you can also come here for a good high-protein breakfast. Check out the Cookie CoffeeShop Venue here.

Smokeys Coffee Shop Amsterdam

Smokeys coffee shop is a well-known place among tourists, where you will find very few locals or expats. Contrary to its name, smoking tobacco is forbidden in the interior area; however, you can find a smoking area on the front terrace. The place is larger than most of the coffeeshops, with neon lights and ambient music. If you come here with a group, you can also find a pool table to keep your energy going. You can view their website here to check the opening hours.

Amsterdam Genetics Coffee Shop

Amsterdam Genetics Coffee Shop has been cultivating cannabis for over 30 years now and has gained their reputation by providing high-quality weed strains, some of which have won awards. The coffee shop displays their products like a store, and you can be assisted by the friendly staff. You should not miss this while being in town, check their website here.

Barney’s Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Barney’s has gained its reputation over 20 years of activity in the market, and it has been awarded multiple times at the High Times Cup Awards. Quality is their main focus, and their customer service is known to be friendly and well-informed in all cannabis areas. For more information regarding Barneys Amsterdam coffee shop you can access their website.

Our pick: Kashmir Lounge

We conclude our recommendations list with our top choice, Kashmir Lounge which is an Iconic coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The bohemian setup allows you to access a new dimension, where DJs accompany you every Saturday, or you can enjoy an evening with live music. No matter when you go, the vibration of the place is going to overwhelm you with relaxing, joyful energy. You can visit their website here for a first vibe check.

Handy Tips for First-Timers

Best Amsterdam Coffee Shop for Beginners

The most important thing to do is to be honest and tell the budtenders that you are a newbie, so that they can guide you properly through the variety and help you choose what would fit you best. Most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam have friendly, knowledgeable staff willing to assist you. Katsu Coffee Shop and Boerejongens are among the best Amsterdam coffee shops for beginners. You will be embraced by the relaxed atmosphere while receiving the necessary support from the people working there.

Companions for coffeeshop tours in Amsterdam

If you’re down to spice things up and make the most of your Amsterdam journey, especially if you came here alone, you can Discover the best Amsterdam Coffeeshops in the company of a sexy escort who can show you the best spots and more!

Are there any 24/7 coffeeshops in Amsterdam?

Most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam are open until late at night, however, most of them tend to close around 1 AM and open at 7 AM. There are a couple of places that stay open longer hours, especially during weekends. However, our suggestion would be to try visiting them until late at night to avoid arriving at closing time.

Location-Based Recommendations

Coffee Shop Near Amsterdam Central Station

In Amsterdam, there are over 250 coffeeshops spread all over the city, and some of the best ones are located close to the Central Station. We’ve narrowed down the list for you and made a top 3 coffeeshops near Amsterdam central station.

  • Siberië Coffeeshop offers cannabis as their main product. In this place you can also enjoy live music and DJ performances, art exhibitions, and even horoscope reading.
  • Kroon is located right in the middle of the city and has a premium vibe. It offers a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Coffeeshop central is the nearest place to the station, as you might assume. Here, the costs are better than in most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam and their best-selling product is classic cannabis strains.

Here is a map of all coffeeshops around Central Station Amsterdam, that will guide you better.

Late Night Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Since most of the coffeeshops are open until late at night, it is worth mentioning some of the most well-appreciated places that you can visit until 1 AM: Bulldog coffee shop Amsterdam, The Rookies and Katsu coffeeshop. However, the schedule might change at any time, so we would recommend checking their websites before visiting.

Conclusion: Summing Up the Coffeeshop Culture

The coffeeshop scene in Amsterdam is still flourishing and offers everything you could wish to try, in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Reach out to us to enhance your Amsterdam experience alongside a pleasant company. Book with Pleasure Amsterdam Escort and live the life of your dreams!